CES 2017 – Bosch’s display unit for motorcycles

CES 2017 - Innovation Award - Bosch ICC

The annual Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas showcases new consumer technologies. The CES Innovation Awards are presented to the most well designed and innovatively engineered consumer electronics.

Bosch’s rider information system won the award in the In-Vehicle Audio/Video category. You know how you can answer calls and have a digital screen displaying all the essential information in almost all modern cars? Bosch’s ICC puts this functionality in a motorcycle.

The system connects to all the instruments of a motorcycle and displays all the information like speed, fuel, ABS status etc. on a display screen. The screen adapts to the driver’s current status and displays only the information the driver needs. If the driver is speeding, everything on the screen will fade away except for the speed indicator and warning signs.

The system also connects to the driver’s smartphone and helmet headset via Bluetooth and all of the smartphone’s important features can be controlled via a handlebar remote.
The screen is easy to read in all weather conditions, adapts brightness according to the time of the day and can endure rain too.

Watch this video to see it in action