Satellite Communication Course – Learn from scratch

satellite communication engineering course

Satellite Communication is an essential part of information transfer around the world. It allows a myriad of communication technologies to function. Connecting large and remote areas to the information grid is just one of the advantage it has over other communication systems. In this course, we will understand how this communication is established and maintained.

Basics of digital communication

By the end of this course, you will be able to
- Understand everything about how satellites are launched into various types of orbit.
- Evaluate and Understand all the main parameters related to the communication link between a satellite and earth.
- Understand the functioning of space and earth segments.
- Identify major satellite communication programs and Understand the scope of application of satellites
- Understand frequency allocation, satellite services, and communication bands.

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Under development

1: Orbit
2: Space segment, Ground segment
3: Propagation effect
4: Link Budget
5: Multiple Access
6: Capacity enhancement
7: Nonlinearity, Synchronization
8: TCP over satellite, ITU regulations, Standards, and examples