Optical Fiber Communication Course – Learn from scratch

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Optical Fiber Communication

Optical Fiber Communication – Introduction to the free course

November 7, 2016

Get introduced and check out what we will be learning throughout the course.

Optical fiber communication basics - ray theory of light

Optical Fiber Communication Basics – Ray theory of light

November 8, 2016

Ray theory or geometric optics considers light as waves & represents them using straight lines. Take a look at the basics of this theory.

Optical fiber communication basics - mode theory of light

Optical Fiber Communication Basics – Mode theory of light

The Ray Theory is one of the simplest explanations of light’s behavior. To understand light’s properties more accurately, we have Mode Theory.

General structure of optical fibers

General structure of optical fibers – Physical aspects 1

November 12, 2016

The general structure of optical fibers is the same at a physical level regardless of the type that is being considered.

types of optical fibers

Types of optical fibers – Physical structure of optical fibers – Single mode, Multi-mode.

November 13, 2016

Based on the physical structure of the core, light can travel in different ways giving rise to different types of optical fibers.