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what is the difference between microcontroller and microprocessor

What is the difference between microcontrollers and microprocessors?

August 13, 2019

An age-old question broken down into a simple conceptual explanation. The difference between microcontrollers and microprocessors is easy to remember with this explanation.

8085 pin diagram - pins uses and configuration

8085 Pins – Understanding the 8085’s pin diagram

August 14, 2019

The 8085 has 40 pins. Understanding the function of each pin will give you a brief idea about the capabilities of the microprocessor.

Stack, Stack pointer and Subroutines in 8085

Stack, Stack pointer and Subroutines in 8085 – With coding examples

September 23, 2019

The stack is an important data structure in embedded systems as it allows us to increase our code efficiency by implementing subroutines. Let’s study everything we need to know to start using them.