Futuristic Ways to Travel to Your Favorite Countries

To envision the future is one of the most common things anyone can daydream about. Futuristic ways to travel is an opinionated post, and we are not sure how many of these technologies will be up and running in the next decade.

5. Hyperloop

hyperloop futuristic ways to travel

The Hyperloop is a concept that was first brought into the picture by Elon Musk. It is a high-speed city-to-city travel concept. People would get inside a capsule that would travel in pressurized tubes from one city to another. It is predicted to travel at an average speed of 970 kph and a top speed of 1,200 kph. This means a distance of  500 kilometers can easily be covered in less than half an hour.


  • The cost of manufacturing is too high. ($7.5bn for a 560km way).

4. Nuclear Powered Self-Driving Car

futuristic ways to travel nuclear powered car

Scientists are actually researching over a highly dense radioactive element, Thorium, that can start outputting energy. Now, why is this on the list, you ask? Because road trips are fun. Most of the cities are connected well in the world. But the expense of the fuel and the hectic journey for the driver can be a pain too much to bear. Enter, nuclear-powered self-driving cars (with an option of driving it yourself too!).

Thorium is so dense that a very small amount of it, say 8 grams, can power your car for 100 years. Which is basically a one time purchase for the fuel.


  • Radioactivity scares a lot of humans
  • Technology to get output from Thorium is still under development.

3. An Exoskeleton Suit

futuristic travel exoskeletons

We have all watched Iron Man. Hell, we have even imagined us owning that piece of beauty. It goes without saying, traveling in an Iron Man suit powered by an arc reactor is not only space and energy conservative, but also a thrill to seek. We watched men fly beside the Fly Emirates aircraft last year. It won’t be long (say a decade) before an exoskeleton suit is commercialized.

Watch the video


  • Arc Reactor missing, an alternate source of energy not sufficient for long journeys.
  • Lots of training required to fly without causing accidents.

2. Virtual Reality

futuristic ways to travel virtual reality

Virtual Reality is a surprise entrant to the list, and while most of you might disagree, you should hear me out first. Some people like to stay in their comfort zone. Some people are not financially strong and yet would like to look at the beautiful wonders of the world all at the same time. This is all possible, not in actual reality, but virtually. Google has been experimenting with it’s Street View feature, and it won’t be long before virtual travel takes a spot as one of the most recommended apps on the AppStore and PlayStore.


  • A huge data center to store views from all corners of the city. Though plausible, it could take decades to cover the entire planet.

1. Teleportation

futuristic ways to travel teleportation

Teleporting takes the top spot on the list because it is the fastest way to travel halfway across the planet. No travel expenses, no visa issues and no use of natural fuels. Teleportation is the transfer of matter and energy from one physical place to another without going through the actual physical place in between. This fictitious transfer takes place with the help of a teleportation device.


  • Technology not developed.

Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments section if you think there are other technologies that should be listed here.

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