C Programming Course – Learn from scratch

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Programming is an essential skill for everyone in a modern workforce. Especially if you are an engineering student or work in a STEM-related job. You can learn the essentials of programming using Java and Python too, but C is a preferred choice for many. Mostly because it deals with abstraction layers that allow you to understand your code at a deeper level, thereby helping you understand a concept better. In this course on C programming, we will introduce the concept of data structures, something that is shared by almost all languages. We will then proceed to solve problems in C and study features specific to the C language.

You should have an understanding of basic arithmetic and logical operations.

By the end of this course, you will be able to understand algorithms and how write programs to solve challenges. Most importantly, you will be able to think and approach problems like a programmer.

Our courses are free and will always be.

Under development

- Data Structures
- Data handling
- Pointers