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How can you contribute?

We write articles on topics pertaining to science and technology that bring facts to our readers and inspires thoughts. Well researched and lucid articles is a must.

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You will have contributed to our efforts of reforming traditional practices. You'll get a platform to showcase your intellectual skills and reach out to thousands of people who actually like to learn something new everytime they browse the internet.

What are we looking for?

  • Well researched articles.
  • Content creators.

Writing Guidelines

If you stumbled upon our articles, you would notice a pattern. That's because our writers abide by the following guidelines.

  • Write subheadings in the form of a question.
  • Fluidly structure the content, so that concepts or ideas presented build up in order as the article progresses.
  • To add media, paste the link to the specific image and our editors will take care of the rest.
  • Write the article in at least 1200 words. Articles that aren't able to cross 500 words but still clears concepts and pertains to Science and Technology aren't forbidden. They will be transformed into an informational video instead.
  • Keep it simple to understand. Make it a conversation between two friends.
  • This isn't a controversial site. Click baits and link baits are strictly prohibited.

General Guidelines

We work hard to increase the quality of our website. We expect all our contributors to respect that.

  • Your article should be an original piece. Plagiarism, duplicating content from other websites (even if it's written by you) and spun content are STRICTLY not allowed.
  • Link to a reliable and reputable source when presenting facts.
  • Refrain from sensationalizing the content of your article. Present facts in a witty and coherent style.
  • If presenting an opinion, back it up with facts and necessary statistics that supports your thesis.
  • Spam links and links to non-reputable websites will be discarded.
  • Answer to queries if a reader has doubts in the comments section.

Please note that all articles, once submitted, belong to Technobyte and the article, or any part of it cannot be published elsewhere. You can link/quote it back to the site.
If the process seems a bit obscure to you then we are just an email away.
Our graphic designers and editors are always there to assist you in any way necessary. Especially when adding media to the article.

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